Best Dried Fruits To Add To Granola

Making granola is a great idea any time of the year and leads many to wonder what the best dried fruits are to put in their creations. Any of these options would be a tasty choice.

Raisins are a classic choice for granola, They will add sweetness, are affordable, and will help with issues like constipation and anemia.

Tart cherries would add a bit of sour to your granola. This fruit is packed full of antioxidants which make it a smart choice in bars or even cereals.

Adding dried apricot will give your granola a big boost of potassium and can help promote a healthy stomach. Apricots will also not add a lot of calories to your creation.

Granola is a great food to make no matter if it is bars or to be used for cereal. Adding a selection of fruits that have been dried will enhance the flavor of your granola so you will be able to enjoy it, even more, when you eat it.

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