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 Infertility is a major problem nowadays. Unfortunately, the number of infertility cases are increasing significantly. The issues are often either in male or female. But the question is that if you’re unable to conceive naturally then what’s the answer. Well, there are several treatment methods available. For instance, IVF & IUI are the foremost used method. If the sperm count of the male is normal & the female has a minimum of one open Fallopian tube, doctors prefer using the IUI method. But there are several other factors to think about. To understand any treatment method in a better manner, we always like to hear from an expert.

Dr. Mohit Saraogi is one of the best IVF specialist in Mumbai & the founder of Saraogi Hospital which is one of the best IVF centre in Mumbai. In this article, he explains what’s IUI, that’s Intra Uterine Insemination, and when actually couples are advised to opt for an IUI cycle. He’s. We also have specialists from Nisha IVF which is one of the best IVF Centre in Ahmedabad & they are going to explain the points that you should consider if you are opting for IUI.

Intra Uterine Insemination-

IUI is essentially where doctors give medications to the wife to grow one or two follicles that are the eggs and at the time of ovulation, they process the sperm, there’s something called a semen wash that’s done and therefore the sperm is injected into the uterus at the time of ovulation.

When To choose IUI?

So, this type of treatment is opted during a few cases like- you’ve got unexplained infertility, where all the reports are normal that’s the egg reserve of the wife is ok, the tubes are normal and the semen parameters are normal also and still, pregnancy isn’t happening, then doctors do advise about two to three cycles of IUI before opting for other treatment. Other indications are for male erectile dysfunction, where the natural activity of intercourse isn’t able to happen, this is often one among the treatments doctors do advise.

IUI Process-

So in an IUI cycle what doctors do is, starting on the second or the third day of the cycle, an ultrasound is completed to be sure the ovaries and therefore the uterus is normal and then they start on oral ovulation induction agents. These are medications that help to grow the eggs, basically. So these are either tablets or injections or a mixture of both and are given for a duration of about eight to ten days totally counting on the sort of protocol that’s used. The wife is monitored serially to ascertain whether the follicles are growing and the way they’re growing. Once they are about 18 to 19 millimeters in size, doctors give something called a trigger injection that’s the HCG injection for the follicle to rupture, and that they schedule the IUI around 36 to 40 hours after the trigger injection is given. So ultrasound is completed to document the ovulation and therefore the semen sample is collected from the husband on the same day. A semen wash is completed & then the semen is essentially inserted into the uterus to assist in pregnancy. 14 days after the procedure is completed, a test is done to verify the pregnancy. So from the time of the beginning of medication till the IUI, it always takes over two to two and a half weeks to finish the treatment.

Success Rate-

The success rates of IUI is about 15 -30%, even in the best centres. This is often basically because doctors can only control when ovulation happens on time when the sperm is injected, but the fertilization aspect needs to happen inside, the embryo formation and therefore the implantation has got to happen inside. therefore the success rates are about 15 – 30% and that’s why doctors never stop at just one IUI and they do about 3 cycles of IUI before saying that this  treatment works for you or doesn’t work for you.

Points To Consider-

So in couples trying to find IUI treatment, the primary and foremost thing is not to get too worried and perturbed about the treatment itself because tons of couples are apprehensive once they are told that they require any treatment in the first place. Therefore the very first thing to try is simply following the recommendation of the doctors, visit the hospital as and when is required. Lifestyle has got to be maintained. So do exercise about 45 minutes a day, manage your  weight, use relaxation techniques, and meditation and healthy food have got to be taken in. So antioxidant-rich food is most preferred. In terms of designing an IUI, one among the foremost important factors required is that the semen parameter should be nearly normal and therefore the younger the age of the wife, the higher the success rates. Also, remember that stress can impact semen quality adversely. So, don’t take much stress. Medical science has developed & is continuously developing. Your doctor will certainly assist you out. But always choose your doctor wisely. We recommend an experienced doctor working in this field for a better success rate.

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