About The RC Drilling Companies

For anyone new to the world of RC Drilling, the first thing you will want to learn about are the different types of Drills available. Once you understand the basic types of Drills available and decide what type will best fit your needs and budget, you are ready to start contacting a few RC Drilling Companies.
One of the most popular types of Drills offered by many RC Drilling Companies is Dual Tubes and Dual Tubing Drills. While there is a wide range of other rotating accessories, such as spindles, bumpers, and many other accessories, the two main types of Drills are very similar. Both types of Drills feature stainless steel revolving blades capable of performing both forward and reverse motion. Still, they also feature a system of dual tubes that allow the operation of rotation without using two separate rods. The rotation in this system is achieved using two very powerful and reliable high-torque stainless steel “Dura-Tred” high-speed electric motors, which operate on a variable voltage control system.

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