A Comprehensive Guide To Colortrac Scanners

Do you have Colortrac Scanners in your business? Or are you considering purchasing them soon? Colortrac scanners can help to improve efficiency and accuracy. They take the guesswork out of matching colors and give businesses a competitive edge.

Colortrac Scanners offer better color precision than manual methods, such as using a swatch book or eye-matching. With Colortrac scanning technology, there is no need to estimate how close the scanned color matches those on sample cards; it’s exact! This allows for more accurate matching of colors, improving quality control, and reducing costs associated with re-doing jobs.

Colortrac scanners are an excellent solution for many different industries. They have been shown to save companies an average of $600,000 per year by reducing the need for expensive reprints and eliminating errors in workflows. Colortrac has become the leading scanner company because they offer quality products at affordable prices customizable to fit each business’ needs. These scanners are not only beneficial but also environmentally friendly! Colortrac is committed to being eco-friendly and uses recycled materials in their production process and waterless printing systems, which reduce paper usage up to 75%. Colortrac doesn’t stop there, though; they also do what they can to reduce CO2 emissions through their manufacturing processes.

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