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3M Paint Protection Film

Automobile makers, builders of airplanes, motorcycles, and RVs use 3M paint protection film (PPF) to protect their products’ paint surfaces from the road’s hazards like flying stones, pavement chips, bugs, and minor abrasions. The film is made from a self-healing thermoplastic urethane that clings to the paint’s surface. It is also used to seal cell phones, view screens, helicopter blades, and for many other applications.

Certified trained professionals are the only parties qualified to apply this film properly. In general, it is primarily applied to high impact areas of a vehicle and some specific areas of top-of-the-line cars like the Porsche’s rear arch.

PPF is not to be confused with sealant. Sealants are used in liquid form and harden upon contact with the surface. They protect the surface from UV rays and chemicals. They do not do what PPF does. They do not protect the surface from physical damage.

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