3 Ways To Have Spa Day At Home

Need a spa day but don’t really feel like getting out to the spa? Here are our three favorite ways to have a relaxing spa day at home…

Try diffuser oil blends, Spas often fill the air with scents that relax, invigorate and help you unwind your mind. Try diffuser blends that you can use for spa days and when company is coming over. Win/win.
Give yourself a self-massage.

Self massage is usually easiest in the bathtub if you don’t have a massage chair. Lather up your legs, shoulder and back. This serves as an easy gliding guide for sore muscles.

Use Epsom salt.

As you massage away the tenseness in your muscles, the Epsom salt in your bath water will pull out soreness and make your body feel lighter. Chalk that up to real science!

Spa days at home can be just as relaxing as real ones. Home is already your comfort, after all… so why not let it be your go-to space to unwind in luxury too.

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