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3 Out Of The Box Ideas For Planning A Wedding In North Carolina

Outdoor Wedding Venues NC is an exciting and daunting task. Venues in NC are plentiful, but it can be hard to choose the perfect spot for your special day. Here are 3 out of the box ideas that you may not have considered!

Outdoor Weddings at Home

Who says you need to use a venue? Weddings at home can make it feel more intimate and personal. You can do so much with decorations and landscaping on your property!

A Drive-In Theater Wedding

One of the most unique venues I’ve seen was when my cousin got married at a drive-in theater. It’s like stepping back into time, where people would watch movies while sitting in their cars from the 50s.

The Outdoor Church Wedding

Many churches have outdoor areas that you can rent and turn into a ceremony site, so this may be perfect for you if you are looking for something different from the typical wedding venue!

If your goal is to inspire how to plan an Outdoor Wedding in North Carolina, then these three ideas might get you on the right track.

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