3 Metrics Every Team Should Track

.There are always a few metrics in every team that can help the team understand what they’re doing right and where they need to improve. This article will provide team metrics that you should be tracking to get the most out of your team.

Team Velocity

Velocity measures how quickly a team finishes tasks or projects, and it’s usually measured by the number of story points completed during an iteration (or sprint). A high velocity means that teams are completing tasks more quickly than expected, which is a good thing!

Lead Time.

Lead time refers to how long it takes for one team member to finish and become available for someone else on the same team to use. A team’s lead time is the average of all team member’s lead times added together. Teams should aim for a lower overall team lead time to improve workflow and collaboration within teams.


Retrospective demonstrating team’s ability to self-reflect and improve upon their process is another essential team metric that every couple should track. Teams can gauge how well they’re working together by assessing the team dynamics, morale, and overall happiness of each member on the team. This assessment can be done through individual surveys.

Team metrics are an essential part of a team’s team culture and overall success.

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