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3 Gifts For The Dog Dad In Your Life


Looking for a gift for the dog dad close to your heart? Here are our 3 sure top gift picks sure to please…

Best Dog Dad Socks, if you have a dog indoors, then you know how many times you have to change your socks – especially during potty training. Socks with a fun print professing their title as top dog dad will make stepping in a little tinkle worth it.

Treats for Dad and Doggie

Create a gift basket for this doggie/dad duo. Leave snacks for dad and dog to enjoy together. This way dad doesn’t have to share.

Doggie Coupon Booklet

Create a little handmade coupon book for your friend. If they have trouble going away without their dog, offer to sit, offer to walk their dog one afternoon… whatever you feel like would be helpful. They are sure to love it!

Remember, it is the thought that counts. When you put thought into something, no matter what, your recipient is sure to love it!

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