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3 Essential Oil Blends

There are many essential oil blends that you can use for your essential oil perfume blend. Here are the three essential oils you should always have on hand to create a variety of fragrances:


This essential oil is crucial for creating a relaxing, calming scent. It can be used to help with sleep and also soothe the skin. Mixed with essential oils such as orange essential oil or grapefruit essential oil, it can create a fresh scent that is perfect for daytime use.


This essential oil has long been used for aromatherapy purposes and also in cooking! It is one of the essential oils with the most health benefits, including improving memory and increasing energy levels. A mixture of this oil and jasmine essential oil will create a sensual, floral scent that is perfect for wearing to a special event or date night.


This essential oil is also known as “liquid gold” because of its high-value essential oil. It has a musky, woody scent and is often used in essential oil diffusers to create an earthy atmosphere or worn on its own for a sophisticated smell! Try mixing this essential oil with bergamot essential oils to create a scent that’s both woody and fruity!

Essential oil perfume blends are great for creating a unique scent that’s just your own. The essential oils used in these blends can also have multiple benefits, so you reap even more rewards from wearing them!

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