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3 Cheap Home Renovations You Can Make Right Now

There are plenty of cheap home renovations that we can do to our homes; Some need a little time and creativity.

The first cheap home renovation that we will be discussing is wall paint. You can update the look of your room by just changing the color on the walls, and you can do it for cheap. Two coats of paint to a room is around $150-$200. Painting one wall in a room with an accent color or pattern might only cost $50-$75. Consider repainting your living room to give it more character!

The second cheap home renovation that we will be discussing is flooring installation costs. Installing floors can have high upfront costs, but over time they are more affordable than carpeting (which needs new padding every few years). The average price of installing hardwood floors in a small apartment is around $5000. However, if you are willing to take on more of a challenge and install the flooring yourself, it can be as cheap as $2000-$3000.

The final cheap home renovation that we will discuss today is adding an addition to your house. This one is challenging, but once they are over and done with, you will finally have the extra space that you’ve always wanted in your home. There are many cheap ways to go about this renovation, so it doesn’t need to cost a fortune like some other ones we discussed today.

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